Quick Tour

How GoPennyGo makes it quick and easy for you to find better products & buy them for less

Before we begin, it's probably worthwhile pointing out that we are not your standard price comparison, or deals website. Our job is not to show you an endless list of deals, discounts and coupons gathered automatically by scanning hundreds of websites. Instead,

"GoPennyGo makes it quick and easy for shoppers to identify high value products and empowers them to make smarter shopping decisions using pricing, savings & coupon comparison data.

We don't list millions of variable quality products. We don't have any financial incentives or bias when it comes to presenting pricing/deals data. Our job is simply to give you the information you need to make the smartest possible buying decision - no matter what you're buying. After all,

"It’s not only about saving money. It’s about saving money buying better.

This quick tour highlights some of our main features designed to help you make better buying decisions while saving money.

  1. 1. Comparison Lists

  2. 2. Price Comparison Tables

  3. 3. Buy Ratings (important)

  4. 4. Special Lists

  5. 5. Making a Purchase

1. Comparison Lists

The basic unit of our service is the comparison list. It's a hand selected bundle of related products specially created to offer you deep insight into a given product niche. This helps reduce your workload by sifting out products of variable quality and including only those that offer genuine value for money.

At the top of each comparison list you'll find a quick summary of the outlying products (i.e. the bestseller, lowest price, biggest discount, etc):

Comparison list summary showing deals and discounts

There's also a filterable list of all the items, including an image, price, discount and other useful info. Start typing a brand name, or any other word that may be relevant to a specific group of products you're interested in. You can also use special keywords Fantastic and Coupon to quickly show only those items offering coupons or rated as fantastic buys:

Filterable list of price comparison products

You'll also find a Price vs. Savings chart that also indicates the overall popularity of the compared products. The x-axis shows the actual price of the product and the y-axis shows by how much it is currently discounted. The size of the bubble indicates how popular a product is:

Price vs. savings comparison chart

2. Price Comparison Tables

In order to empower you with the knowledge and data you need to make the smartest possible buying decision, you need to be able to compare similar products with each other directly. That's where our interactive price comparison tables come in.

Specifically, you can filter the table by any of the information shown in the table (i.e. type 'fantastic' to show only fantastic deals, or type in the brand name to only see products from one brand):

Interactive price comparison table

By clicking on column headings you can quickly reorder products according to which metric you find the most useful (options include current price, best price, discount in percent, discount in dollars, and 'Buy Rating'.

3. Buy Ratings

To help you quickly understand whether a product is priced well in comparison to other similar products (and in comparison to its own historical pricing) we run a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes a wide range of price related metrics and boils all that information down into a single recommendation with four options:

  1. 1. Fantastic Buy
  2. 2. Good Buy
  3. 3. OK Buy
  4. 4. Wait

We don't hand out 'Fantastic' recommendations easily. In order to qualify, a product must be selling either at its lowest price or within 1% of its lowest price. Conversely, when we say a product is a 'Good Buy' we mean it.

Fantastic buys will always be highlighted in a deep green to help you quickly recognize them (Notice too the small price gauge showing where, relative to the historical price, a product is currently selling):

Fantastic Buy rating showing green button

4. Special Lists

In the process of gathering all the data we need to provide useful price comparisons, we are also able to create a bunch of special lists that can highlight useful shopping insights across a wide range of products. Here's a selection to help you get started:

1. Amazon Coupons

Not every retailer uses discounts. Many prefer to offer deals using coupons and special offers. In order to ensure you can squeeze every last cent of savings from your purchases we also track coupons. All available coupons are displayed across the site using light blue (in the same way that dark green is used for fantastic deals).

We bundle all available coupons into one coupons page that you can search using our standard interactive filter:

Special list of Amazon coupons

2. Latest Deals

We've mentioned before that we're a 'fast' service. This is really important because prices on Amazon can change very drastically very quickly. The faster you track these changes the better and more accurate your information (there's nothing worse than finding a deal on a deals site and clicking through to buy only to find the offer has expired).

We bundle all the latest deals into one convenient interactive list so that you can check back anytime to see what's available right now:

Special list of the latest Amazon deals

3. Best Deals

The latest deals are not always the best. Many shopping sites promote the newest deals they find aggressively (to the exclusion of older ones). But a new deal might not be as good as a deal that went live a few days ago and is still available. Using our data we can find deals that are genuinely 'the best' and aggregate them into one list:

Special list of the best Amazon deals right now

5. Making a Purchase

If we've done our job right and you've found the best possible product at the lowest possible price you are ready to make a purchase. you can do this by clicking on the Buy Rating button at the top of the product page, or the price listing just below that.

Once on Amazon it's important to identify the right offer. Many Amazon products are sold by multiple sellers so not all of them will match the price we report to you. In addition it's very important to ensure you are happy with the reputation of the seller before you make a purchase:

Amazon product listing showing multiple sellers and offers

Be aware that coupons may (or may not) come with qualifying conditions that need to be met before you are able to benefit from the offer. It's important to take note of any shipping costs (if any) that might add to the overall cost of your purchase too.