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Get expert insights & analysis into online pricing and deal trends

Our editors spend their time analyzing which products offer genuinely great value for money. Which products are selling well, which are not. Which product is rated better or worse than another product. And so on.

Did you know that in 2019 the best day of the week to buy a computer monitor is Monday?

Not only that, but we monitor the price trends of comparison sets of closely related, top selling products on Amazon, which gives us a unique perspective on how shoppers can be smarter (not only to save money, but to do it while finding better quality products).

Take Out The Guesswork

If you are reporting on price and/or deal trends to help consumers save money, why leave your advice to conventional wisdom, or guesswork? GoPennyGo can provide accurate, objective, unbiased price and deal insights that help you deliver better content.

Get There First

No matter the time of year, we can get trending information to you ahead of the curve allowing you to publish valuable content on fast changing consumer, shopping & retail trends with confidence - before others pick up on it.

Flower bouquet prices only dropped significantly the day before Valentine's day.

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Drop us a press enquiry over at our contact page with a question and your details (i.e. name, contact, organization, etc) and one of our editors will answer it or set up a time to call you (if you prefer to chat over the phone).