Commonly asked questions about GoPennyGo

If you have any questions about our service, please click on the links provided to see what we have to say about life in general. If your query is not adequately answered here, then by all means drop our friendly staff a line and we will get back to you asap.

  • How do you help shoppers?

    Our goal is not only to save shoppers money. It's to save them money buying better stuff. There are millions of deal sites out there competing to sell stuff at the lowest price. But is it good quality stuff?

    Instead of listing millions of variable quality products, we hand pick every single product we list. We only choose well liked products that are popular and well reviewed. This helps save shoppers time and effort sifting through deals on products that may not really be great value for money.

    We also present only up-to-date objective price data and present this to shoppers in a fun and simple way to use. This information empowers people to make the best purchases that meet their individual requirements.

  • Why can't I find the product I'm looking for?

    We handpick each and every item listed on our site in order to ensure that you can safely compare bundles of genuinely good products and deals without having to sift through potentially thousands of products (that may or may not be suitable). Because of this we track tens of thousands of products, not tens of millions.

    With that said, if there is a specific item that you want to compare, use the search feature (magnifying glass icon) in the main menu to instantly bring up current sales and price data for any item sold on Amazon.

  • How do you calculate a product's discount amount?

    Oddly enough this is a pretty tricky problem. With so many sellers competing to sell items on the Amazon marketplace there is no longer really a standard list price that we can use for each and every item.

    To get around this we look at the best price each day over the last month and display the discount as the difference between the current price and the highest best price from the last month. So, if a product was selling at $10 for a week, then rose to $11 for a week, and finally drops to the current price of $9, we quote the discount as $2.

  • What is a 'Buy Rating'?

    Our Buy Rating metric uses some pretty advanced algorithms to analyse a whole lot of price data and crunch a lot of numbers behind the scenes in order to provide easy to understand recommendations that help inform shoppers about which products offer genuine value for money right now.

  • Are you paid to list products?

    No. Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on doing the best possible job to bring you products that genuinely deserve your consideration. We are completely independent and don't accept gifts or earn any money for listing items.

  • What makes you different from any number of other price/deal sites?

    We have 3 major differences that make us the best possible way to save money buying better products:

    1. 1. Human curated products: Instead of tracking millions of variable quality items and allowing you to do the work of sifting through them, we do a lot of work to ensure we only list products that offer genuine value. This saves you time, effort, and money.
    2. 2. Interactive price comparisons: Our price comparison tables can be filtered and sorted by whatever criteria you are interested in (i.e. savings in dollars or percent, best price, current price, Buy Rating, and more) allowing you to instantly and easily see which products are currently offering the best value for money.
    3. 3. Objective, fast, unbiased data: Our data comes straight from Amazon and is then analyzed and updated on an hourly basis. It's important to be as fast as we are because otherwise short-lived deals and discounts could pop up and disappear before they are reported on (to the best of our knowledge there aren't any other free hourly services).

      Also, we don't have any financial incentive to list one product over another. A comparison list from us is going to be up-to-date pretty much in real time - as opposed to the usual review lists you'll find online (that may be published as a result of paid relationships) and are out of date within a few hours of publication.

    Not to mention our super fun, quick and simple interface that combines the ease of use of a site like Pinterest, with the awesome deals and support of Amazon, and the insights and savings of... well, our data is fast and free, so we're the gold standard here.

  • Do you process refunds or provide after sales support?

    No. We don't physically stock products or fulfil any orders. We don't sell products ourselves. All refund requests or after sales support can be handled via Amazon and their sellers, as per their guidelines. We will however do our best to help you find great products and you are welcome to drop us an email via our contact page.

  • Do you support shoppers in other countries?

    Not right now. We do have the functionality in place to work in other locales but right now we need to focus on doing the best possible job we can in the US. Watch this space though.

  • Can I use and share your data and charts?

    Of course. Our goal is to help people save money so if you are creating good quality content with the same goal you are free to use our data and charts provided you attribute with a link back to the relevant page. Please note that this permission is granted at our discretion and can be revoked if we feel your content is in any way detrimental to our business.

  • Why is there no price or data for a product?

    We handpick the items listed on the site and don't attempt to gather data on the tens of millions of items available on Amazon beforehand. As a result, there is initially no data available for products we have added in the last few hours. As soon as price and sales data is available we'll display it. Grab a cup of coffee and check back in an hour or two.