Amazon Sales Rank

Everything you need to know about the Amazon Sales Rank (sometimes called the Best Seller Rank, or BSR)

Live Amazon Sales Ranks

" The Amazon sales rank, updated hourly, is a relative representation of how products are selling in comparison to others in their primary category (niche). The lower the rank, the better a product is selling. A sales rank of 1 is therefore the best selling item in its category.

Enter an ASIN or keyword and we'll find the current sales rank, price & savings on that product.

While there are many theories about how the Amazon sales rank is calculated, and how many sales certain average ranks indicate, the best way to obtain accurate sales figures is to use an accurate, hourly sales tracker that analyzes those changes to produce accurate sales estimates for any product sold on Amazon (in the U.S. and around the world)..

Ideally, you want sales rank tracking combined with prices. This allows you to chart them together in virtual real-time.

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