About GoPennyGo

A free, objective service that makes it easy to find better products and buy them for less.

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What We Do

We help ordinary shoppers quickly identify the best value products around and then buy them for less.

We're not a traditional price comparison site.

Instead we empower consumers to make better buying decisions. As part of this, we pick up on bigger deals and discounts that might be shortlived and missed entirely by other sites because our data is more fine-grained and accurate. It means shoppers can benefit from great deals before they end or stocks run out.

Take the guesswork out of finding the best deals.

We also handpick the products we list in order to ensure that users are only exposed to great quality products that offer genuine value for money. This helps save time and effort filtering out millions of variable quality products.

Our price insights help shoppers understand pricing, discounts and deals across hundreds of product types enabling them to sift out genuinely amazing deals from those that only appear to be great.

In addition, we also provide a suite of free research tools to help find better products to buy via the Amazon marketplace.

Our History

GoPennyGo began, in 2016, as a small PHP script that queried Amazon on an hourly basis in order to analyse how well specific products were selling over time. This was to help identify genuinely popular products and distinguish them from ones that might only appear popular from a temporary spike in sales.

After a redesign of the user interface in 2017, along with the addition of several powerful new features, GoPennyGo began to attract a small community of regular shoppers. With a burgeoning community came new suggestions and feature requests and the pace of development and refinement of the service quickened.

By early 2018, GoPennyGo was attracting as many visits in a month as it did in all of its first year of operation.

Price Research

With the demand for additional features, we decided to include price analytics into our offering. This, in combination with a complete overhaul of the user interface, led to the development of our unique shopping research & deal finder combo.

By combining sales and price comparisons, GoPennyGo can provide unparalleled insights that empower shoppers to save money buying better stuff.